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Harness the insight, support and
tools to plan past short-term needs
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You + Us:A Winning Formula

Stop dividing your focus between
managing your business and its numbers.

No one knows your business better than you. And no one knows numbers quite like us. That’s why your time and energy is best spent running your business, and not worrying over financial status, tax strategies, changing laws, and due dates.

When you work with KaufmanFisch, we proactively bring those details and numbers to you, along with recommendations, strategies, and insights, so you can make informed decisions that move your business growth forward.

Trusted since 2000

Harness the combined expertise of a team of accountants, tax experts, and

financial advisors to move your business forward.

Understand your business’s financial standing

As your business grows, so does its financial complexity.

We help you see, clearly and simply:

  • Where your money is going each cycle
  • What your current profit margins are
  • Whether you’re overleveraged
    — or if you have the equity and
    net worth for growth

Approach your taxes proactively

With the right strategy and a little planning, we can help you define the best way to approach taxation for your long-term benefit.

We help you stay ten steps ahead of taxation by:

  • Preplanning for the coming fiscal year
  • Keeping abreast of changing laws and regulations
  • Taking strategic steps to adjust rates

Simplify your accounting process

Transform your record-keeping from a complex blend of systems and software into one clear and consolidated approach.

We help organize your bookkeeping so you can:

  • Better understand your finances
  • Avoid redundancies and other mistakes
  • Make informed, confident decisions about the future of your business

Consider your finances across the board

The decisions you make affect you across all your business and interests. That's why KaufmanFisch is careful to take your global financial position into consideration at every step.

Factors we consider at every step:

  • Your overall financial standing
  • Your business’s current performance
  • All your ongoing investments and entities

Know your accounting costs with certainty

With KaufmanFisch, get accounting help whenever you need it, with no added costs or surprise invoices later. Your accounting fees are always predictable, budgeted for and fixed.

One fixed monthly fee covers:

  • All the accounting & prep work you need
  • Ongoing consulting and questions
  • On-demand support during unexpected developments

Harness our connections to banks and financial institutions

When it comes to raising equity or healthy debt, the right connections are invaluable. Thanks to our track record of integrity and openness, lenders trust our recommendations and knowledge. We put those close relationships to work for you. With a firm grasp on your finances, we’re here to help you acquire the back your business needs to take its next steps.

With KaufmanFisch, gain access to:

  • Solid, trusted banking relationships
  • Top lenders and credit facilities
  • Terms that work in your best interest

Big enough to help, small enough to care

With KaufmanFisch, your business grows, you never outgrow our warm, caring team. Our robust and skilled team keeps you 10 steps ahead, while still providing you with personalized attention, a listening ear, valuable advice and counsel.

We’re your partner and friend in every way

  • No question, concern or request ever too big or small
  • Listening ear and helping hand
  • Honesty, transparency, and openness, always

Every decision mutual

At KaufmanFisch, we don’t just tell, we show. And if you don’t agree, we discuss it with you further.

We here to ensure you:

  • Understand what steps we’re taking — and why
  • Feel comfortable with every strategy and choice
  • Grow familiar with our approach to tax, finances, book, and filings

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