Financial Accounting:

Your full financial picture, always
in focus

Your books talk, if you know how to listen

Your records are key to understanding you current financial
standing and to making informed decisions about the future
- but only if they’re clear enough to read. At KaufmanFisch,
we’re here to help.


Gain Clarity & Accuracy

A solid, clear, and accurate overview of your financial books ensures we make the best possible decisions going forward.

We also help structure your balance sheet in a clear and visual way, so you can gauge your:

  • Net worth
  • Liquidity position
  • Assets
  • Liability Leverage

Only after knowing your full financial picture can you determine what to plan and aim for.


Guidance on Profit and Loss Structure

We measure every cost based on the bottom-line benefit it brings you.

Items we consider include:

  • Fixed budget expenses
  • Profit margins
  • Period by period variances.

This helps us determine together where your focus is best spent.


Factor in Your Industry’s Challenges

Bookkeeping methods differ depending on your industry.

  • Inventory-based businesses need precise inventory counts
  • Manufacturers must key into their real cost-per unity
  • Construction must priorities best billing practices

That’s why we take an individualized approach to your books, providing you with the insights, guidance, and numbers you need to create positive change and grow.

Financial Planning

Proactive, big-picture perspective

Positive growth begins with positive direction

Planning is only valuable when your goal is solid and
strategic. That’s why a clear understanding of where your
efforts are best spent is your most valuable goal of all.


Holistic Planning

What’s the best outcome for you – in all aspects of your life? Not just as a business owner, but globally, as a tax-paying citizen and individual?

When planning, our team always considers and includes your diverse investments and income streams to ensure a positive and surprise-free outcome.


Tailored Tax Strategy

Here, we consider not just the numbers, but your desired net outcome — because a tax strategy that works for one business often has an adverse effect on another’s.

Hundreds of data points and factors must be considered for your individualized strategy, and we analyze them all when determining your best approach.


Long-Term Vision

To determine the correct approach, we consider your long-term plans for your business and future ventures.

Only by taking all complexities into account can we both be confident that you’re putting your best foot forward towards a positive, growth-focused goal.

Take your next steps

Sustainable, strategic growth

At KaufmanFisch, we’re here for you, and happy to provide you with whatever
you need to bring your business to its next level – be it:

  • Legal advice
  • Partnership Financing
  • Recommendations for Financial Software

Thanks to our track record of integrity and openness, lenders and financial institutions and tax auditors trust our recommendations and knowledge. We put those close relationships to work for you.

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